HORORATA community trust

about us

The Hororata Community Trust was registered as a charitable trust in August 2011 with the purpose to help rebuild and promote the community following the September 2010 earthquakes. The Hororata Community Trust covers a large geographic area, including Hororata, Coalgate, Glentunnel, Whitecliffs, Glenroy, Windwhistle, and Lake Coleridge.

Our Objectives

  • To assist in the repair, rebuilding, and restoration of any buildings of significant importance to the community damaged in the 4th of September 2010 earthquake, and subsequent aftershocks.
  • To assist with the maintenance, repair, or improvement of buildings, structures, facilities, or places for use by the local and wider community.
  • To establish or provide or assist with the establishment of new buildings, facilities, or places for use for projects or services intended to benefit the local Hororata and the wider community.
  • To provide or implement or assist with the provision or implementation of projects or services intended to benefit the local community.
  • To benefit, serve and meet the needs of the local Hororata community generally.

Our Projects

  • Hororata Community Hub– working as part of the collective community group, Go Hororata, on the new Hororata Community Hub project. This will be a modern vibrant facility that celebrates our heritage and provides for community needs now and into the future. This project is the main focus of the Trust’s fundraising efforts.  Click here to learn more

  • Hororata Highland Games – this event is one of the biggest Scottish Festivals in the Southern Hemisphere attracting over 10,000 people each year. The Hororata Highland Games takes a massive volunteer effort to bring it to fruition with over 220 people joining ‘Clan Hororata’ each year to work in every aspect of the event.

  • Hororata Glow Festival – a new addition to the Trust’s projects in 2018 this amazing event holds big opportunities for our community. As with the Games, without the Clan Hororata volunteers, this event would not be possible.

  • Heritage of Hororata and Beyond – working collaboratively with local heritage property owners, museum guardians, and enthusiasts on promoting our district’s unique heritage through events and promotions.

  • Enabling our community – enabling and supporting our community by providing resources, promotions, fundraising opportunities, investing in equipment for community use, and connecting people through a range of activities.

Our Vision

To provide the resources to promote, foster, and develop Hororata and its wider community.