Rakaia Basin Glacial History Field Trip

Sunday 7th March 2021

This bus tour will explore the recent glacial history of the Rakaia Basin.

Join Prof Jamie Shulmeister and our local geologist, David Waghorn to learn more about this fascinating natural history. See first hand how this beautiful landscape has been shaped by geological and glacial forces. Learn to identify and distinguish these glacial sediments and hear how they reflect changes in global climate over the last part of the Quaternary Period. Hear about the latest research techniques that have helped unravel the timing of glacial events and how our local glacial history correlates with similar events in other parts of the world.

The Rakaia Basin has a rich glacial geological history and has been an important locality for understanding the Glacial and Climatic History of New Zealand in the recent past. This unique area was first identified by pioneer Geologists such as Robert Speight, and P.T. Cox. The sequence of glacial advances & retreats was first established by Jane Soons (1963) and refined by Soons & Gullentops (1973).

More recent detailed mapping combined with new techniques for age dating moraines and lake sediments has allowed Prof Jamie Shulmeister and postgraduate students from the University of Canterbury to fully understand the local glacial history and the correlation with global glaciation and climatic events.

Tickets are limited, smoko(morning tea)/lunch included. $55.00 per person. Guests must pre-register.

The bus will depart at 9 am from the Hororata Domain, returning to the Domain 4.30 pm. All guests will be transported on a bus for this field trip as our presenters will talk as we travel.

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Contact Karen Meares info@hororata.org.nz 03 3186 959

Postponement date 14th March

This is a Heritage of Hororata and Beyond event brought to you by the Hororata Community Trust