The 4th Hororata Glow Festival is coming up on Saturday 13th May. Volunteer to be part of this amazing event!

Our community can’t wait to GLOW! The Hororata Glow Festival attracts over 10,000 people and was a sell-out in 2021. Tickets are flying out the door so we are expecting 2023 to be just as huge! 

Be part of this festival and join Clan Hororata by volunteering at this event. 

We need a small team to help with catering for the visiting balloon crews 9th – 13th May, 6.30am – 9am each morning. 

All hands on deck for set up 11th and 12th May at the Hororata Domain. 

Then on the day (13th or 14th May) of the festival with parking, ticketing, catering and general things around the festival so it runs smoothly. 

All volunteers are invited to a pre-event breakfast where you can watch the hot air balloons in a mass ascent and meet the crews. As well as dinner with the crews when the event finishes.  

If you have volunteered previously we will email you soon. If you haven’t volunteered and would like to join Clan Hororata for this magical event CLICK HERE to register.