Horoata Night Glow Saturday 8th May 2020, postponement Sunday 9th May 2020.


Q: Will the hot air balloons be flying at the event?

A: The balloons will not be airborne for the Night Glow; they are tethered on the ground as they glow in unison to music.

Q: Can we have a hot air balloon ride at the event?
A: There are no balloon rides at the event however Ballooning Canterbury will be offering discounts on flights for after the event.

Q: Can the weather affect the balloons?

A: The Hot Air Balloons prefer light winds to be able to perform to their full potential. This is why a postponement date is so important to give us the best chance of giving the best balloon performance. Our priority is giving the best balloon performance that we can however the weather may affect this. If we postpone to Sunday 9th May the event will go ahead regardless of the weather with the full festival offering heaps of fun and entertainment.

Q: Will there be a refund on pre-purchased tickets is the balloons are unable to perform or the event is postponed?

A: There will be no refunds on pre-purchased tickets. The postponement date is Sunday 9th May. An announcement will be made no later than 9am Saturday 8th May. If we postpone the event will run on the 9th regardless of the weather, the balloons performance may be affected.  Follow us on Facebook, listen to More FM or check our website for updates.  Remember this is a community event with all profits benefiting our community; we thank you for your support.

Q: Can we see the balloons without entering the event?

A: No you will need to purchase a ticket to enter the event to see the balloons.

Q: Is there free parking?

A: We have good free onsite parking with a great crew who will do everything they can to make accessing and exiting the event as smooth as possible. Please note we are expecting a large crowd and traffic will be heavy, please be patient. Traffic coming from the north will enter the car park through Gate A, traffic coming from the South will enter the car park through Gate C. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MAP

Q: Is there facilities for the disabled?
A: Yes, we have a disabled parking area and also a viewing area for the Night Glow.

Q: Is there overnight parking for the motorhomes?
A: Yes we have overnight parking for self-contained motorhomes. Click here for details.

Q: Is there an ATM at the event?
A: Yes we have cash out facilities inside the venue, a $2 fee applies.

Q: Can we bring in food and drink?
A: We have an amazing line up of food vendors at the event. You are welcome to bring a picnic. Please no BYO alcohol and no glass, we will be conducting bag searches. Click here for details on our stalls.

Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: No, this is not a dog friendly event; the balloons will scare them. You will not be allowed access with a dog, no matter its size.

Q: Who organises the event?

A: The Hororata Night Glow is a community event organised by the Hororata Community Trust with a whole team of volunteers working hard to make this the best event we can. All profits will benefit our community.