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Hororata Highland Games

The Hororata Highland Games is not only a fantastic spectacle to be enjoyed from the sideline, but there are numerous opportunities to get involved and HAVE A GO! There is a huge variety of general activities for spectators to enjoy. With over 100 stalls, live music, and a huge range of food vendors, Scottish wares, food and wine, this year we have more events than ever.


Hororata Marquee




Best Dressed Lad n’ Lassie



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The Southern Celtic Fiddle Orchestra (SCFO) has been playing together for 10 years. Based in Leeston, they play Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Northumberland, and the Shetland and Orkney Islands. The Southern Fiddle Orchestra is a major contributor to the Hororata Highland Games having played from the very first Games, missing only one year.

Enjoy the colour, energy and excitement of Irish Dancing with students from the Kay-Hallissey Irish Dance School. Based in Christchurch this is one of the top Irish Dance schools with many students winning Championships.

Have A Go Events

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Test your strength and athleticism in the Mitre 10 Mega Have A Go arena. Try out the  Toss a Caber, Lightweight Farmers Walk or take on the sandbag challenge. New this year is the Cerberus Strength Hercules Hold!


9.30 am- 3.30 pm at the Have A Go arena. Free entry!

Primary school-age children can Have A Go at the traditional Scottish Highland athletics including Caber Toss, Haggis Hurl, and Farmers Walk. Compete as a school team or Have A Go as an individual.

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Do you have the gall to take on the Legend? Then the Hororata Pie eating competition is for you.  Consume as many of the legendary Hororata Pies as you can in a set time to win. The Hororata Pie eating competition will take place at 1.15 pm on the Duncan Cotterill Stage; it is a great spectacle not to be missed.


Register by 12:30 pm at the Hororata Pie Cart


Consume as many Hororata Pies as you can in a set time to win. The competition will take place at 1:15 pm on the Duncan Cotterill stage.

Free entry!

To celebrate 100 years of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society we have had a dance especially choreographed for the Hororata Highland Games. Join us in the main arena at 12.30pm to dance the ‘Hororata Heavies’ reel. No experience necessary but please wear shoes to protect your toes!

You could visit the Scottish Country Dancing Association at 11.15am to have a practice!

Gather by the RED flag at the south end of the venue area (in front of vintage car display) at 12.15pm to take part.

Special thanks to Graeme Plank for choreographing and coordinating this dance! The dance will be videoed and sent around the globe.

Instructional video coming soon!

Archery is part of the fabric of Scottish history, being the main weapon for the great historic battles and an essential part of day to day life as a hunting tool. Today, Archery is known as a sport. However, many people have never had the chance to experience shooting with a bow and arrow.

At the Hororata Highland Games, you will have the chance to give Archery a go thanks to NEWZENGLAND. Get the bulls-eye in your sights and then let rip with your arrow and watch it as it torpedoes towards its target. Compete with your friends to see who is the best shot, or simply work on improving your own precision.

Even if you’ve never picked up a bow and arrow before, you’ll love this chance to try out one of the world’s oldest sports. Open to all ages. You will get expert instruction on how to use the bow safely and some tips on how to get a bulls-eye!


No registration required, just go to the Archery arena between 9.30am and 3.30pm to have a go.

Entry Fees:

$5.00 per 5 arrows.

Have you ever tried to make those drums go rat a tat tat? This is your chance to make plenty of noise!


Running all day near the pipe band arena

Free entry!

Ever tried target shooting in a fairground and wanted to have a go for real? Well, this is your chance. The Hororata Small Bore Rifle Club is opening the doors to their rifle range located right on the Hororata Domain. Have A Go for $10.00 or enter the Hororata Highland Games Small Bore Shooting competition for $15.00.


Open from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm at the Hororata Rifle Club stall

Entry Fees

$10.00 to Have A Go

Enter the new team event – Barrel Roll. Team of 5 people, mixed ages allowed so families can compete together.

You need strategy and technique for this!

1 team member will roll the barrel from the startline 50m then join the team to carry a caber on your shoulder through a slalom course. Fastest time wins!


Register on the day at the registration desk on the race track.


Teams of 5 competitors. Runs between 12.30 pm – and 2.30 pm.

Free entry!


Hororata Highland Games Medals

Tug O’ War is an age-old tradition at any Highland Games and has become a major crowd-pleaser at the Hororata Highland Games. The Fern Tug O’ War sees an intense battle of strength, teamwork, and sheer willpower play out. Teams of ten compete throughout the day in heats, working towards reaching the final TUG! The crowd passionately and loudly supports each team as they work to pull the opposing team across the line.

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The Kilted Mile is a traditional event in Scottish Games as an alternative to the Heavy Events for the more fleet-footed.
Starting on the racetrack competitors will race over a mile, completing different obstacles/challenges along the course, looping back around to finish in front of the enthusiastic crowd. Challenges include eating the famous Hororata Pie, delicately consuming the traditional drink, and completing a few fun obstacles before going over the line in front of a huge crowd.

The winner will be the first person, in a kilt, over the line. If you don’t own a kilt, please borrow one or find some form of tartan attire to fit the theme of the day.

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